The Strait of Georgia Data Centre

The Strait of Georgia Data Centre (SGDC) is a collaborative program between the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) and the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, UBC, to build a secure data archive for marine ecosystem information on the Strait of Georgia.

Since 2011, the SGDC has been collecting marine ecosystem data for the Strait of Georgia, and providing these data through this online portal. It is designed to serve as a central data repository, to protect and collate marine ecosystem information for the Strait, and to allow for data sharing and integration.

The Data Centre also serves as a resource for the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project (SSMSP). The SSMSP is an international extension of the Strait of Georgia Chinook and Coho Study which was developed by the Pacific Salmon Foundation in 2009. That program was the most comprehensive ecosystem-based study of Pacific salmon in the Strait and integrated key personnel and laboratories around the Strait. In 2011, researchers in Puget Sound reviewed the study proposal and adopted the program as a framework for their salmon research also. This lead to an international workshop in November 2012 to assess the support for a single collaborative international program and to identify issues that would need to be addressed. Unanimous support was received and the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project was launched with the ambitious goal of raising $20 Million over 5 years for this project. The critical first major donation was received October 17, 2013 when the Southern Endowment Fund of the Pacific Salmon Commission (PSC) committed $5 Million over 5 years to support the SSMSP (funds to be shared equally between Canada and the United States). In Canada, the balance of funding have been provided through the Recreational Fishery Conservation stamp, other Foundations, private and corporate donations, and government contributions. The PSC provided $1.8 Million for 2014 in order to implement the SSMSP and assist with the start-up costs of this major project.

In 2014, Canada intentionally focused work on juvenile salmon sampling in the Cowichan Bay as a test site for developing sampling guidance for application at other future sites. The key results of these projects and lessons learned allowed for the development of the full 2015-2017 program, described on the marine survival website- Many of these researchers directly benefit from the existence of the Strait of Georgia Data Centre, and have been unanimously supportive of our efforts.